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Destiny X
I now have my drivers license!! Thanks Lama you are the greatest. I will recommend this school to all of my friends and their parents. I look at my license and still can't believe I have it. But, I will still need to come back because I want to be able to learn to drive a manual shift. I am so thrilled and this driving school gets five stars from me.
Katalina W
Having a teenager learning to drive can be quite scary. Lesson learned, I do not have nerves of steel. There is something to be said for that imaginary brake that some of us parents have. When I knew I was only making my kid nervous I called Lama Driving School. Not only does Katrina now have her license I also get a discount on my insurance premium. If you are looking for driving lessons in Brooklyn then Lama Driving School should be contacted.
David G
Searching for an affordable defensive driving school was not hard at all. I asked two friends for their recommendations and Lama Driving School was the answer both times. I now have my license and things could not have gone better. Lama even set up my drivers test and coached me right through it. I thought I would have been really nervous but it went so smooth.
Diane W
Being an adult too afraid to drive had to end. I was giving up too much freedom and wanted to overcome my fears. I called Lama Driving School because I live in Brooklyn and wanted a close school. My first appointment came and I was picked up by my instructor. My heart was pounding! Let me say this. If you are afraid or even terrified to drive...these are the instructors for you. I now have my drivers license and I am in my forties. Thanks Lama for all you do!
Aaleyah T
I knew my daughter was going to be a nervous driver. Having been a nervous child all her life this was just something that I knew was coming. I wanted her to have the confidence to be able to be in control while driving but to also not be paranoid. I called Lama Driving School and spoke with Lama. Two things made my mind up. Lama is the most outgoing teacher I have ever spoken with. Taking the time to tell me everything and showing a true compassion for people. Second, I wasn't roped into buying a huge driving lesson package. And it was something that I could afford. Having taken the time to call the school not only gave my daughter confidence but me as well. Thanks Lama!
Katie D
Driving is all about paying attention and knowing your next move. Driving is not about clinging onto the steering wheel while the person who is supposed to be teaching you clings on for dear life. Yes, my parents tried to teach me how to drive but it wasn't working. I begged for a driving school and even found the number to Lama Driving School. Thanks Mom and Dada and Lama! I now have my license!!!
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About Us
Lama Driving School is proud to offer professional driving lessons. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and service the surrounding areas.
Driving Lessons

Lama Driving School offers a wide variety of affordable driving lessons and courses. Whether you are brand new to driving a motor vehicle in New York ...


Lama Driving School offers the best variety of packages for all of our driving students. We do not just stop at packages for our driving students....

LAMA Driving School,
475 Ovington Ave,
NY 11209
(718) 238-3232

Office Hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday 9am-10pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-3pm
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