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About Us

aboutusLama Driving School is proud to offer professional driving lessons. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and service the surrounding areas. Our driving instructors are professional and patient teachers who are all licensed in the State of New York. Our instructors will teach you everything you need to know to be a safe and very educated driver.

Here at Lama Driving School our students learn at their own pace. Most new drivers are nervous and we understand this. We do not in any way believe that a new driver should be pushed to do something they are not ready or comfortable enough to do. Our driving instructors will work with each student on an individual basis at their own comfort level. This in turn teaches all of our students to become safe and responsible licensed drivers. In our experience, students who learn at their own pace are much more comfortable and turn out to be excellent drivers.

Nothing is more exciting then getting ready to be able to drive and get your drivers license. As with other major life events there are certain things that go with the territory. Learning to drive defensively and safely are two of the major things. Being responsible and alert is something that all of our driving instructors teach. Not only will the offered courses teach these very important aspects it will all give new drivers a discount on their motor vehicle insurance. Attending a professional driving education course is something that all major motor vehicle insurance companies approve of.

We offer a variety of packages to fit everyone’s needs. Whether this is the first time you have driven a motor vehicle or just need a refresher. We also offer Department of Motor Vehicle services for the convenience of our customers. Why take needless time away from your work and your day when we can provide the service at minimal cost? We handle Driver's License renewals, duplicates and abstracts. Plates and motor vehicle title transfers and duplicates, among other services. Not sure if we are able to help you at the DMV? Give us a call at (718) 238-323 or email us at:

Want to give an extra special gift to someone who will be driving soon? What about a gift certificate? Although not thought of by many to give as a gift our students are thrilled when they receive these. Parents who know their children are approaching the age of driving will give their children these gift certificates. Parents not only feel better, the new driver is excited and able to gain confidence knowing a professional driving instructor is teaching and guiding them. The first few times driving can cause anxiety to new drivers and having a patient instructor makes all the difference in the world.

Discount packages are offered as well as many other services here at Lama Driving School. If you or someone you know is looking for driver education instruction that is not rushed and learning takes place on an individual basis feel free to contact us.

About Us
Lama Driving School is proud to offer professional driving lessons. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and service the surrounding areas.
Driving Lessons

Lama Driving School offers a wide variety of affordable driving lessons and courses. Whether you are brand new to driving a motor vehicle in New York ...


Lama Driving School offers the best variety of packages for all of our driving students. We do not just stop at packages for our driving students....

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