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Lama Driving School offers a number of cost saving driving instruction packages. Whether you are driving for the first time or just looking for a refresher course we are here to help. Learning to drive with a certified instructor that caters to the students individual needs makes our students confident in their driving abilities. We understand that some new drivers can be nervous and this is just one of our specialties.

Parent of a teenager who will be driving soon? We all know that having a teen that is about ready to drive is not only a source of joy but also a bit worrisome. Our teenagers safety behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is very important. As a parent we worry about our children and that is our job. By having your teenager enroll in driving lessons offers a piece of mind. New drivers will learn all the basics of the motor vehicle and then basic driving. Our students are taught on a individual basis and at their own pace. If the driving student is not ready to move forward then we work with them until they are.

Booking a appointment with Lama Driving School can be done in a number of ways. We can be reached by phone by calling (718) 238-3232. Our contact email is . We also have a contact us page on this website to make things super easy. With all there is to get done in your busy schedule contacting us is made easy.

For those who do not want to have a full driving package then we are able to tailor lessons to the individual. Tailoring lessons is extremely useful for those who would like to take some of the refresher courses.

We offer NYC DMV services as well. If you have something that needs to be taken care of at the Department of Motor Vehicles here in the Brooklyn area we are able to help.. For minimal cost our employees are able to get this task completed for you. Taking time out of your busy day or work schedule isn't needed with the help available at Lama Driving School. Stress free driving lessons and no having to go to the NYC DMV.

Have a question that you have not found the answer to here on the website? Lama Driving School welcomes all questions and will do our best to provide the answer. There is never a question too small when it comes to safe driving instruction courses. The more knowledge the better informed our students are. We are happy to hear the questions so that we can provide answers that may help others.

Our certified driving instructors are patient and wanting to help produce confidence in all of our students. The more confidence our students get from our professional driving program instruction the safer the roads and students are. If a student or parent has a question at any time they are encouraged to ask at any time.

Just shoot us a quick email or pick up the phone or use the contact us form. We are always available to help our driving students.

About Us
Lama Driving School is proud to offer professional driving lessons. We are located in Brooklyn, New York and service the surrounding areas.
Driving Lessons

Lama Driving School offers a wide variety of affordable driving lessons and courses. Whether you are brand new to driving a motor vehicle in New York ...


Lama Driving School offers the best variety of packages for all of our driving students. We do not just stop at packages for our driving students....

LAMA Driving School,
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